our micronetwork

For more than (15) years, our associates and partners have come together to produce an informal collective harmonic of products and services calling upon each other to meet the needs of any size project. What follows is a sample list of the many loosely affiliated members selected to be part of our network. We personally recommend services from the members of the ænsemble and in many cases collaborate seamlessly between the independent entities.

Who's in the network?
What follows is a small sample of the members of our network.


Branding, Communications, Interactive, & Advertising

Founding member of the ænsemble, Bradley Bishop, directs this boutique branding and communications agency providing sound strategy and tailored design solutions for a wide range of clients.


Branding & Typography

Founding member of the ænsemble,
Ole Sorensen, specializes in developing unique brands with highly refined hand drawn custom typography.

The Dutch

Animation Production

Art Director, Motion Graphics Artist, Compositor, and Animator of The Dutch, Robert Jan de Vries, has helped build the many broadcast brands of original programming for clients like HBO and Justin Timberlake.

Little Tiger

Broadcast Animation

As Creative Director of Little Tiger, Azin Shamma's award-winning designs have helped fuel HBO, ABC, NBC, MTV, Bravo, A&E, CNN, BBC America and other leading networks.

Aquifer Films

Animation & Cartooning

Creative Director of Aquifer Films, Simon Ampel, has a mastery of hand drawn animations and character development.

Punch Drunk Productions

Video Production & Live Events

Jacob Stone, owner of Punch Drunk Productions, has many years of experience with producing innovative experiences for live events and video productions.

Amy Johnson


Food photography specialist, Amy Johnson specializes in camera operations and post-production for food & restaurant lifestyle photoshoots.


Where did this network come from?

More than a (15) years ago on a rare sunny day in Seattle, a young designer ducked into a family-run private post office / luggage store on Capitol Hill, intent on checking his mail and heading home. However, before he could collect his pile of smashed letters from the tiny mail box and barrel out the door, a curious taller Danish man struck up an intriguing conversation with him, inquiring about the design magazine tucked up under is arm. Before the sun could tuck neatly behind the clouds, the two designers wondered out onto Pike Street and began a conversation that spanned the breadth and width of the design palette. The two went back and forth between rivaling concepts of form and function from Swiss design, typography, and grids to storytelling and definitive original styles. This epic conversation continued for years through a series of collaborative design and consulting projects, culminating in a collective of partnerships and branding initiatives, and birthing the affiliations of a wide range of talent known as the ænsemble.

Today, our micronetwork of clients and partners come together for a collective harmonic of personally recommended products and services.

You are invited to come join us as a client and experience the expertise found within.

The Founders,
Bradley W. Bishop
Ole Sorensen